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Learn the true history of the day before the Battle of Puebla of 1862. Do your research and come prepared as either a Mexican national or French regular and re-enact the legendary journey of "El Burro Esparkalo" (aka The Sparkle Donkey) on the ORIGINAL holiday that made it all possible: Cuatro de Burro*. Pub Crawl drink specials accompanied by a Mariachi band and noble donkeys leading the way from watering hole to watering hole in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. This event is free to attend but you must be 21+.

We will be giving out sombreros OR French berets to the first 200 participants! Join us to celebrate the legendary journey of the Sparkle Donkey that saved a small Mexican village with liquid salvation many many years ago!

bottleshots Visit for more information on the legend of El Burro Esparkalo.

*Cuatro de Burro is allegedly the original holiday on which Cinco de Mayo, the popular US holiday, is based... but it is much older, which is more important.

The Original Legendary Journey